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Eze Tc-08 Long Nose Staple Gun

Introducing the Eze tc-08 Long Nose staple gun! This Gun is top-notch for use in your stamper's shop, with an updated Long Nose design, the Eze tc-08 is now v-shaped with a Long Nose stock and effortless to clean. Also included is the tc-08 71 series, so you can get the best results with your stamper.

Cheap Eze Tc-08 Long Nose Staple Gun

The Eze tc-08 is a Long Nose staple Gun that can staple fabric deep into the surface, it features a wide crown with a Long Nose that makes it uncomplicated to use. The Gun gives a bright red color and is manufactured from strong plastic, it effortless to fasten to the wall with magnets. This Eze staple Gun renders a wide crown Long Nose with a tc-08 logo, it is ideal for use for staple guns and other upholstery furniture. It comes with a carrying case, this is a staple Gun rebuilding kit for the tc-08 ln 8016 80 series Long Nose parts. It includes a Long Nose part rebuild kit and screws to rebuild it, the Eze tc-08 80 series staple Gun is a peerless surrogate for when you need to staple up your furniture. The Long Nose straw design makes it basic to staple and the wide crown allows for uncomplicated use, the Gun also renders a high-quality finish that will make your furniture stand out.