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Staple Gun Spring Replacement

If you lose your original Spring in your hammer tacker, don't look anywhere than replacement, this heavy-duty Replacement is designed to meet or exceed the quality of the material you're using. Made of sturdy materials, this Spring is designed to last and is sure to provide your hammer tacker with a superior performance.

Top 10 Staple Gun Spring Replacement

This is a heavy-duty Replacement Spring for your staples, it is fabricated of durable materials and is designed to stay in place. It is designed to provide superior performance and stability, it is designed to keep the Gun stable and in place. This is a heavy duty Replacement Spring for your hammer tacker, it is manufactured of strong plastic and is with 13 rubber circles to grip in the hand. The Spring extends a small hole in the middle so you can remove the hammer, and then press the tacker against the hammer, the Spring will keep the tacker against the hammer and will protect it from dings and damage.